Why hangovers don’t suck

Blog Challenge – Day 1

Today is my first blog post of the Blog Challenge.

So I will begin by addressing the fact that although I really hope to be able to finish this challenge, I also want this to be a fun challenge.

And for this to be fun, I have to be honest.

And honestly, I have a hangover from last night’s drinking.

It’s a very funny thing to have a hangover because I never seem to remember the fact that I will be in this much pain when I’m drinking.

I have probably had more than a thousand hangovers, but still somehow I never remember that I will be in such pain during the actual drinking period.

So to be positive, there is one good side of having a hangover. It’s the fact that at least I am able to be thankful for things I usually don’t even realize.

An example is to be thankful for just not being in pain. At normal times, I am never just thankful that I am not in pain. But when you have a hangover, you think: I should really enjoy not being in pain at normal times.

And to add to this, I am also thankful that I can do pretty much anything I put my mind to at normal times. If I want to run I can run. If I want to read a book, I can read a book. If I want to eat, I can eat all the wonderful food of this world.

But when I have a hangover, I can’t just run. My head would hurt and I may even collapse and die. If I want to read a book, too bad. Brain is out of business. If I want to eat, my stomach is so upset that I would  spew out with a vengeance anything I attempt to eat.

So to summarize, I am very thankful right now of my days when I don’t have a hangover. That’s the good part of a hangover. To realize that although my life sucks at this moment, at normal times it’s actually pretty damn awesome.

And with that thought, I will now go on and continue being in pain.


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