Living as a Startup Founder

Blog Challenge – Day 2

Today’s topic is #Startup!

I have been working in startups for over 5 years now.

Been the CEO of 4 incorporated corporations and 1 sole proprietorship.

So, what is so attractive of being a startup founder?

Well, the first and foremost reason is the freedom. When I say freedom, I don’t mean that I have free time. I have little free time to do leisurely activities. Many days I work after dinner and even on weekends my brain is still unofficially “working” thinking about the business.

The type of freedom I am referring to is the freedom to choose your own path. To choose the direction that you want to go. It’s similar to having to walk everyday, but walk to any place to your liking.

Sometimes the road is very rocky. There is not even a road actually. It’s a jungle full of venomous snakes and crazy beasts that will eat you on sight. But even so, it’s the path I choose to walk, not a path given to me from someone I don’t know.

So I feel more alive. To be able to choose your life is a decision making power few people have these days in a realistic sense.

It’s as the old saying goes, “Liberty or Death”.

Another part I love about being a startup founder is that you get to make great memories. I have previously worked at a larger corporation of hundreds of people, but the days were more like time-killing compared to the day to day battles I have to fight out here.

When I have full responsibility for my livelihood and those of others, I am automatically put in a survival mode where each small battle is fought with passion and persistance.

And after enough such battles, you and your comrades form a comradeship that lasts. I still give all my love and respect to the people that fought by my side during my past businesses. Just as you get close with your middle school friends by doing petty crimes, drinking a beer without your parents’ permission and overall just doing something “bad”, you get close with your startup founders and members in a similar way. Been through SHIT together.

Lastly, what I love most about being a founder is that I can always be a dreamer.

Because although the chances may be very low, anything IS really possible at this part of town.

Our team can dream together to change the world. We can dream of making something that will touch the lives of millions and millions of people. Our actions directly impact the outcome.

And by dreaming BIG, we become ourselves BIG MINDED. And there is nothing as exciting than being around such big minded people that are concocting something in the back room.

So this is why I continue to do what I do and found companies. For me it’s not about “why” but “why not”.

I’ll sign off this post with one of my favorite rap lines:
“I’d rather die enormous than live dormant, that’s how we on it”  Jay-Z – Can I Live


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