I love antioxidants

Blog Challenge – Day 4

So today’s post is on the topic of health.

I believe that a new trend in the millennial generation that I like very much is that it’s becoming cool to be healthy. Being conscious on many topics such as the environment, human rights and health is something taken with pride these days among the youth.

So what are some ways to stay healthy?

In my personal research I found certain foods that would just constantly come up again and again as foods that do wonders for the body.

So starting a few months back, I started limiting my after dinner snacks to just a few foods. Mainly, dark chocolates, blueberries and green tea.

These foods are often described as “super foods” because they are so beneficial to the body in many ways. The main nutrition that is so beneficial to us in each food is Polyphenols for dark chocolate, Catechins and Polyphenols for  green tea, and a type of Flavonoids called Anthocyanins for blueberries. Now you don’t need to know this.

However, what you do need to know is that although these are different nutrients, there is just one very simple truth behind how they are all tremendously beneficial to our body: they are all Antioxidants. This you do need to know.

A short background:
Our body is constantly under attack by bacteria, viruses and the side effects of stress. So although you don’t notice it your body constantly has infections. And your body’s response to infection is inflammation. However this inflammation can also start doing harm to your body as well. So two enemies: 1) infections and 2) inflammations. And these in turn start oxidizing your body and release free radicals that go and start causing trouble elsewhere in the body as well. Bad chain reaction.

Enter antioxidants. They are like magic potions.

Antioxidants go through your body inhibiting oxidation, collecting free radicals, getting rid of inflammation and basically fixing everything in its path.

They act as antibiotics, antivirals, antihistamines, antidepressants, anti-angiogenesis to prevent cancer, and detoxins to cure against toxins in the body.

This is why they say that foods high in antioxidants are so good.

Well then isn’t there any way that I can get huge amounts of antioxidants in my body? Because it’s not very realistic to be eating 2 boxes of blueberries every day.

Well, the answer is Vitamin C supplements.

Vitamin C is a very easy to find antioxidant that can be easily taken in high doses and spreads well throughout the whole body.

There are people who say that taking too much Vitamin C can cause kidney stones and that having too many antioxidants in the body can be bad for you. But so far according to my research, these are myths. It will not cause any damage to your body, and any Vitamin C not used in your body gets flushed out in your urine so don’t worry.

There are two facts regarding Vitamin C that I want to leave you with.

One, the amount of Vitamin C that your body needs at normal times varies greatly with the amount your body needs when you are ill or have an infection. Your body can need anywhere from ten times to a hundred times more Vitamin C when it is sick. So when you are sick, a small dosage of Vitamin C in a multivitamin (something like 100mg) is not going to get anything done. DOSE UP.

Two, in some weird and cruel joke of mother nature, we humans along with a few other species like our close Gorillas are some of the only animals that can’t produce our own Vitamin C. So all other animals you know like dogs, cats, horses, pigs, cows, whales, etc. can all produce their own Vitamin C. They regulate their own levels of antioxidants where as we depend on our diet to do so. And the amount of Vitamin C they produce per kilogram of their body is way higher than the amount we intake from our modern day diet. Especially when they are sick, their body really goes ham in the Vitamin C production. And I believe so should we.

So to summarize, the  common denominator of many super foods are antioxidants. And Vitamin C is a great source for constant and bountiful amounts of antioxidants.

I personally intend to take 2,000 mg of Vitamin C a day and 6,000 mg when I’m sick.

I’m not a doctor and there’s more research to be done. But if you want to look deeper into the benefits of Vitamin C, check out Dr. Thomas Levy’s talk.



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