The Best Class I Took In College

Blog Challenge – Day 6

I studied in KAIST university for my Bachelor’s degree.

KAIST stands for Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology.

It’s the #1 tech school of Korea and is often among the top ranked universities of Korea in international and domestic college rankings.

But considering that it’s a tech school and so it was full of some of the brightest minds as professors teaching all subjects of engineering, there is one class that was most meaningful to me.

In fact, this class was more important to me than every single other class I took in college. COMBINED.

The class was called Entrepreneurail Mindset and taught by professor Cheol-soo Ahn.

And the professor is now a candidate for the upcoming Korean presidency.

His classes should have just been called ‘Teachings on Life and this World’, because while discussing the topic of entrepreneurship, he encompassed all areas of knowledge of this World.

It was a feeling I had never had before, and never had since then.

Sitting in each class, I just knew that there was so much to learn from each 90 minute lecture.

A recurring two thoughts I would constantly have during his lectures were “Wow. That’s really interest.” and “That’s EXACTLY what I also thought!”

There are two teachings from him that stand out the most in my life.

First, when choosing your career, the three conditions that must be met are:
1) do what you love doing
2) do what you are really good at
3) do what has lasting meaning for you

Second, always start your days with what’s most important, not what’s most urgent. Because if you’re always chasing what’s urgent, you get to miss what’s important on the long term.

No matter what the outcome of this election, Professor Ahn will always be my favorite and most memorable teacher I have ever had.


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