Blog Challenge – Day 7: SUCCESS!

Blog Challenge – Day 7

Today is the 7th day of my Blog Challenge, which is the first of twelve challenges in my 12 Month Life Detox Challenge.

And I am proud to say that the first week is a full success.

There is a saying in Korea that says “It’s most difficult to stick to something for more than three days” (작심삼일) which means that new habits are VERY hard to make no matter how much you think it may be possible at first.

So in that sense, me writing a blog for seven days in a row seems like a pretty good start.

Now I just have 51 more weeks to go lol

But I am determined to see this through.

The first week of blogging has been alot of fun just because this whole thing is so new to me.

It’s very entertaining to have my own space where I can comfortably just rant and ramble on because FB isn’t really for that.

And I get to put into words different topics that I am excited about and hopefully someday someone will read it and it’ll be fun or informative to that person as well.

Along with the blogging, the vlogging has also been very exciting. Frankly it’s a very self-conscious thing when you’re in front of a camera just babbling on. But at the end of the day it’s fun and I’m glad I’ve decided to do it. You only live once so why the hell not lol

Change requires will power, and will power requires sincerity. How sincere I approach this challenge shall determine the outcome.

Week one: Check.


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