The Perfect Dish of Ramen

Blog Challenge – Day 8

Imagine the impossible.

There is a restaurant. In Los Angeles, California. That makes the food called “Ramen”.

On the opposite end of the globe from where it originated, Japan.

Ramen is a dish that you have had before in your life. Yes.

But in this restaurant, the ramen you get is unlike any other ramen that you have had in your life.

The first sip of the soup that you taste just totally blows your mind.

It redefines what a Ramen is for you.

“Wait, ramen could be this delicious?”

Now I want to tell you at this moment, that this is a true story.

The soup has a taste with depths of valleys and seas. It heals all the hurts you’ve amassed since your last sunday service. This is a real pork broth.

Then you notice the egg. Hmmm. I’ve never really seen the egg like this.
Colored to a deep golden brown. With a yolk that is neither solid nor liquid, but wet and deep dark orange. It’s at a state where is refuses to be defined as cooked or raw.

I later find out that it is called Soft Boiled and requires the egg to be cooked in a sort of al dente and it defeats the whole purpose the moment you pass the magic spot by however small amount, as in Black Jack. The egg then must be immediately transferred to ice water. Now how many places do this to the point of art?

The veggies are perfectly mixed. There is no one veggie that stands out, but no single ingredient can be left out.

And finally, the Char Shiu brings it home. This is the big bad boy of the show. The char shiu denies this dish to be a light noodle dish. It commands that same full respect from you as a good steak or bbq would. It is entirely suitable for grown ass men.

But when the meat enters your mouth, it lets down its machismo and dissolves in your mouth like it was never solid. You now know that the game is over and that you’ve been taught a lesson in life.

You can experience greatness from anything. Always stay humble.

This is the true experience I had in a restaurant on Main Street of Santa Monic called Jinya Ramen Bar.

I have since become a ramen maniac and found most others to be disappointing normal.
(with exception to Torruka in SF and Goma Tei in Hawaii)


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