Who got yo back?

Blog Challenge – Day 9

I had a very nice surprise today when I arrived at the office and there was a large envelope that had arrived for our team.

When I opened it, there was the certificate that certified the startup I co-founded, LIVEO, had been chosen for the K-Global 300.

This is a program that is run by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP) and is a selection of the 300 most promising startups in Korea that they intend to strongly support.

The certificate read:

In recognition of its selection as K-Global 300 with outstanding growth potential in the information and technology sector, we hereby present this award to the aforementioned business.

Startups by its very nature have a rule that for every good thing that happens, there is a thousand bad things that happen. I think it’s a mathematical constant alongside the fibonacci series. Just basic physics.

So when the time comes around where I get this type of a great surprise, that means that it is way overdue.

Yes, we had to put up with a million arrows thrown our way to see another good fortune.

But when such good event does come, it makes it all worth it.

Like, the Korean government just sent me a cool note saying: “Yo, fellaz, yall doin’ sumthin’ cool. Keep it up and we gon’ take care of yall. We got ya back.”

And they follow this up with opportunities for grants and such.

Pretty cool stuff. When the government got yo back.



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