Pizza, Pizza, Pizza

Blog Challenge – Day 11

Pizza. The name itself is just so beautiful.

It is sassy. It is classy. It is molto bello.

Today I had two different styles of Pizza near the Itaewon area.

A NY style pizza from Gino’s in Itaewon, and an Italian style pizza from Brera at Beotigogae (버티고개).

This brings me to an eternal debate between which Pizza style is better.
A NY style large, salty, and chewey pizza or a light, crispy, fresh Italian pizza.

On the one hand the NY style pizza is addictively delicious. The cheese hits like crack. That saltiness makes you a fiend. The dough keeps you chewing and coming back for more.

It represents NY. The rustle and bustle of the city that is NY. It represent Johnny from Little Italy that talks with a hard New York accent. It has no frills and no front. It says “I’m real.”

Then on the other hand there is the Italian style pizza. It is elegant and fresh. The cheese is a tease, but a tease that keeps you wanting more. The fresh basil leaves are whole leaves, not dried and ground and processed. The circles of the cheese is uneven and the slight burns in the crust dough are proof that it has been cooked in a brick oven the same way it has been done for hundreds of years. It says “I’m more real.”

It’s amazing how the same food has changed so much through its journey from Napoli to New York. It was the same ingredients of dough, tomato sauce and cheese. But it is in all actuality a totally different food.

So back to the question of “Which is better”?

I honestly can’t decide.

But not for the reason that most people say they can’t.

Most people I’ve seen that can’t decide say “because they’re so different”.

No. That’s not why I can’t decide. I have no problem comparing two different foods that are totally different and choosing which I would rather have.

It’s because when two foods are both equally so heavenly delicious, there comes a point where you just can’t compare.

Not because they are different but because they are both so heavenly good.

But more importantly, what a blessing that we have these two types now rather than just one.

Now we can choose from the two to our liking.

If there was only one kind, we would not even have known that the same dish could be so different.

Not just different toppings like anchovies or rucola. But totally different in its very core identity.

And we wouldn’t be able to have such wonderful debates such as which is better, a NY pizza or an Italian pizza.




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