Every Single Time I Format My Computer

Blog Challenge – Day 12

Every single time I need to format my computer I dread it.

I dread it because I know how stressed I’m going to be.

But the computer continues to ever so slightly deteriorate in performance speed and capacity every single day.

I can feel it. I can feel the stress piling up. The 0s and 1s getting all jumbled up. The system slowly becoming a big tangled knot.

And so I must once in a while (like every 18 months) format my computer.

By now I’ve done it many times. And I have my own secret to combat the headache of a format.

I keep a Google Drive Doc where I have my own compiled wiki of all the knowledge that has piled up throughout the years upon every single format.

It’s my personal artillery against the format monster.

And then D-day comes.

I start with perfect composure and start formatting the computer. And really hope everything goes well. And that I can stay a gentleman all the way through.

Oh, what’s that? I need to choose which drive I want to install the Windows in.

Sure, drive C. Oh wow. Drive C is in MBR format and since my USB boot is in UEFI, I need to change my drive to a GPT format. How about I format the C drive then so it’ll be more flexible. Done. C drive gone. Wait what? I need to format the entire disk? The disk contains D drive too! That’s where I backed up all my files!! I’m not supposed to have to format my D drive!! I don’t even have Windows anymore to back up my D drive now because I just formatted my C drive!!!! a;owiejf ;aoweijf;woiefj!!!!!!!!!

And so it goes. Even before I see the first Windows logo. Already it has begun. As it always must for some reason.

And 14 hours of intense problem solving for every single possible problem has been completed, I again have a new computer.

And every single time I learn new things along the way. So my wiki file gets longer.

And although during this process I always feel like giving up and just going crazy, I end up pursuing the problem like my life depends on it, and it somehow ultimately always works out. Always. Not once have I had to throw out my laptop because it actually really really didn’t work until the end.

So I guess I learn a bit of life from every single format session. Never give up. Life will always throw obstacles at your way, but that’s just the process to moving on up.

Just never give up.


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