The Lure of the Dark Side

Blog Challenge – Day 14

I don’t consider myself a coffee drinker.

I don’t drink it daily and when I do I go for the sweet and milky Latte rather than the cool, trendy Americano.

Actually, I don’t even go for Latte. I actually go for a Breve Latte which is replacing the milk with Half & Half (half milk and half cream), which has an even higher fat content than a regular Latte. But for me it tastes like what angels are made of (whatever that is).

So I don’t like dark. Don’t like dark coffee. Don’t like dark beer. Don’t like dark chocolate. And that’s just been me.

But recently I’ve become quite quite quite interested in nutrition and come to realize that chocolate can actually be really good for you.

The cocoa powder and cocoa butter in chocolate contain a lot of Polyphenols, which are great anti-oxidants (the most precious thing in this world, you should know by now).

However, to make chocolate taste good they add a bunch of sugar and milk and more sugar to make it taste so wonderful. And the final end product has an amount of sugar that outweighs the benefits of cocoa.

So I tried eating dark chocolate in L.A.

The number 72% cocoa seems 30% too high for me but I gave it a shot. For health.

But America is great because they have such an incredible selection of chocolate even from within dark chocolate.

I went for the dark chocolate with caramel and sea salt.

And slowly… “Hey, this is actually not bad.” “Hey, this is quite good.” “Hey, where’s my caramel sea salt dark chocolate!!!”

And this is how for the first time in my life I’ve come to like something from the “dark side”.

I never though this day would come, but I like dark chocolate now.

I guess I’m officially old now.

But I didn’t just stop there!

I got to know of the ultimate of dark of darks. COCOA NIBS.

Cocoa nibs are the raw essence of which cocoa powder and cocoa butter is made. It’s the form before the cocoa is divided into solid (the powder) and liquid (the butter).

It’s the rawest edible form of cocoa pods.

And it has 0 sweet. Just pure polyphenol packed bitter and dry anti-oxidant magic.

It’s too dark for me to just have by itself, but I found  secret.

Have equal parts one piece of dark chocolate with one pinch of cocoa nibs together, and the combination is actually amazingly good.

And so not only do I like dark chocolate now, but I like it at a level of darkness that not even dark chocolate fans can get to like.

Yes, I’ve hit level DARTH VADER of chocolates. Totally betrayed my very existence.

And I gotta say, it kinda feels good to be on the dark side.


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