Blog Challenge – Day 14

Okay. So the second week was considerably more difficult than the first week.

If the first week was just excitement and overwhelming anticipation, the second week was the slow realization that this is a long long journey.

The most difficult aspect of this second week was just almost forgetting to write the blog that night.

Doing this and that and talking with my brother and parents at night, I would frantically realize that I have 30 minutes left to write the blog for that day and run to my room.

I think I also kind of had flashes of imaginary scenarios where I wake up the next morning and realize I have totally forgotten to write the blog the night before. What a horrible feeling.

But nonetheless I luckily succeeded in writing a post every day. I did forget to film a review for the vlog a few nights though lol

So this is the phase that the inkling to maybe quit goes up from 0% to 3%. There was none last week, but this week it’s there. Very small, but still there.

But it’s only a challenge when there is that inkling. When you know that somewhere in a parallel universe, you may have just given up.

But in this universe, with this Kidae, there won’t be any of that nonsense.

Challenge one, Week two: Check.


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