Good Bye, NIVEA

Blog Challenge – Day 15

This is the story of how I decided to never use NIVEA products again.

A couple months ago I was at a birthday party and I found my lips choppy. So I took out my NIVEA lip chapstick and put some on.

My great friend Mike saw that and mentioned how he doesn’t recommend NIVEA chapsticks and that he had another chapstick by the brand Carmex that I could use.

So I did. And the moment I did, it just felt different.My lips felt moisturized, rather than just the covered feeling I get with NIVEA.

But the real difference was how long the moisturizing effect lasted. Carmex kept my lips protected for over 30 minutes, while NIVEA has me putting on the product every five minutes.

Then a slight memory came up in my head. I had heard that some cosmetics companies make their product dry up after a short while just so you’ll use their product up faster and buy more. Could this product be such a case? I don’t know but it sure felt like it.

Now fast forward to three days ago.

Winters in Korea get very dry so I put on some NIVEA body lotion.

Then throughout the day I feel my body itching.

“No way. That can’t be related.”

But then I thought back on all the other instances my body itched. I had even gone to the dermatologist because of the itches and the doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with me.

The doctor just gave me some steroidal topical cream (which is another story, but I HATE steroidal topical creams) and I never found out what was causing it.

But it felt like a detective story when everything falls into place.

All those days my skin itched, I had put on NIVEA lotion. Actually, when my body itched I would put on even more NIVEA lotion just try to soothe my skin. And it was actually making it worse.

So with NIVEA making horrible chapsticks and body lotion, I decided right then and there that this brand was not for me.

It could be that I’m just allergic to their products. I’ve heard that you can have allergies to certain products individually.

I’m just glad I figured out it doesn’t work for me.

So Good Bye, NIVEA!


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