The Art of the Pitch

Blog Challenge – Day 16

Today I had to go to Chuncheon City in Gangwon Province to give a pitch for a competition by Naver.

I had just got the notice to prepare two nights ago so this pitch was kind of prepared in a hurry.

I think I’ve given more than 30 pitches in various events and conpetitions until now so I thought I’d share some tips I’ve gained.

First of all, if the talk is less than 15 minutes I try to just memorize the script.

Especially more so for shorter presentations.

With the limited amount of time, the best way that you can appeal your service the most is by only saying exactly what you need to say.

If you try to give the pitch on the fly, you will sound fuzzy and disorganized.

Now, there are people that say that if you prepare a set script beforehand that you sound too mechanic and it seems awkward in its own way.

However, I think that’s the case when you haven’t fully internalized the script.

You have to OWN the script to be able to convey it naturally.

It’s like singing a rap song.

Just knowing the lyrics is onlt half way done.

You gotta own it till you can rap it with flow and style. Same thing.

Also, approach the preparatory process scientifically.

I personally write down how many times I’ve practiced the pitch each day.

Then, through many times of giving a pitch I know already how many times I need to practice a pitch from how many days prior to give a good pitch. Every thing is scientific.

My last piece of advice is this: never give a pitch from your short term memory. Your short term memory is very unreliable during high pressure, tense moments. That’s why people’s minds to blank on stage.

You always have to recite out of your long term memory for it to be reliable, stable and natural. And for this you need sleep. Short term memory gets translated to long term memory through repetition and sleep. So make sure you start a few days before the actul pitch to give it enough time to seep into your long term memory.

This is the same for giving pitches and performing rap on stage.

So there are my two cents on performing well and good luck on any future pitches you need to give!


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