A Dog and Cat from a Land Far Away (short story)

Blog Challenge – Day 17

There was once a being from a land far away.

He had no family but just his dog and cat.

His dog and cat were the most playful and silly dog and cat you had ever seen.

Everywhere he went people always remarked on how wonderfully charming his dog and cat were.

“Truly unique souls they are. Never have I seen such a dog and cat.”

One day he returned to where his ancestors lived.

His dog and cat did too.

But the dog and cat missed the land far away and slowly lost their playfulness.

Although they could not say it, they felt that they were not where they were supposed to be.

They lived their lives as just any other ordinary dog and cat.

Nobody remarked on how unique they were any more.

So the dog and cat slowly forgot how to play and just went on with the days.

The years passed by and the dog and cat lay on the floor.

Too old to play. Too old to enjoy life.

In their eyes was a deep longing for their land far away.

And with no language, with no words,

they just looked into each others eyes and reminisced.

And they knew they had once lived in a land far, far away.

And although their bodies were too weak to stand,

their eyes gave off one last twinkle of play.

It had been long since they had felt that way.

The dog and cat were once again truly unique that day.



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