Remember What You Saw

Blog Challenge – Day 18

I move my life according to a vision I have for my life.

A path that I hope will take me to where I want to go.

This vision for my life is not a vision that I am able to see every day.

Actually, on most days I can’t see the vision at all. I’m just moving along the treadmill like everyone else just trying to get through the day.

And the thought inevitably comes into my mind: “Why am I even doing this?”

Yes. Why am I doing it? Because I’m definitely not feeling like doing it at that moment.

Or most moments as a matter of fact.

But once in a while, just once every cycle of the moon, I am able to see my life’s vision with clarity.

I am able to see that I have a very limited time here on Earth.

I am able to see that I have in essence nothing to lose.

I am able to see that with effort and endurance, there is, however low it may be, a true possibility to achieve some big goals.

I am able to see that I can change not only my life, but the lives of other people in this World.

I am able to see my vision clearly.

And in those moments I regain confidence that what I am doing is right.

That I would rather spend my life trying to achieve this than to just be comfortable and safe.

That no matter how cold and harsh the World may get, I always have control over one thing: my actions.

This window is only open for a few moments before it closes again.
And I am back in the dark and my heart is disconnected from this excitement.

And so what I do is, I keep that vision firmly in my memory.

So that even though my heart will not feel this vision in a few moments, I will know in my head that this is what’s right for me.

And when the next day comes, and again I am too tired to get up, and too fed up with all the bullshit, and new problems arise left and right just when I thought things couldn’t get worse…

I remember what I saw.

Remeber the vision I had a glimpse of.

And I trust it. Believe it. Stand by it.

Yes, it is real. The vision is real. I am too low to see the full way, but I have seen it from up in the sky and it was real.





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