Life Lesson to be Learned from Flappy Bird

Blog Challenge – Day 19

There is a mobile game called Flappy Bird.


A game developed by a Vietnamese artist and programmer that came out in 2013 where you have to tap the screen to make the bird flap its wings and avoid hitting green pipes.

It’s a really simple game with one objective: avoid hitting any obstacles and dying by continuously flapping the wing at exactly the right time.

Well, this is just a game but I love this game because it’s a great representation of this world for me.

This game serves as the perfect metaphor to realize who (or what) our enemy is in this world.

At first glance, the enemy seems to be the green pipes. Of course, these are the obstacles which can block you from your path.

So it’s easy to live life hating the damn green pipes that continue to come along your way.

But notice that the green pipes aren’t really coming your way.

You’re going towards the green pipes in order to get to where you want to go.

The green pipes just happen to be there is all.

No need to blame the pipes, no need to hate the pipes. Just navigate through them and accomplish your goal.

So then what truly is the enemy?

Well, notice how the bird is doomed with an ever pushing gravity that keeps bringing it down as time passes by.

So the more time that passes, the more you are just getting pulled down.

So actually time is your enemy. Because every second that passes, is another second you will have gravity exerted on you.

The only way to beat this is to continue flapping your wings often enough not to hit the ground and just at the right time to pass through the obstacles.

Frequency and timing of the flaps keep you alive and lets you beat the game.

The same is true with this world.

The obstacles that you find in your life are just events and facts about this world that you cannot change. And they aren’t necessarily bad. They are just the way this world is progressing and you just have to adapt to it.

But the real enemy that you face is time.

The more that you are still and not moving and making moves, the world just has a tendency to make bad things happen to you.

If you just stay still in life, you will not be able to pay for your phone so you will lose your phone. You will miss your rent and lose your home. You will ultimately not have money to eat so you will starve and die.

So what you must do to counter that is make moves! Actions!

That is the equivalent to flapping your wings on Flappy Bird.

You have to make moves frequently enough and at the right moments in order to beat this world’s tendency to bring you down.

So remember that your enemies are not the obstacles in front of you.
The enemy is time.

Beat the enemy of time by constantly making moves.
Again and again and again, incessantly!

Once you understand the enemy, you understand the game.


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