Living in ShangRi-La!

Blog Challenge – Day 20

The world is becoming more and more global by the day.

Living in Seoul, Korea, I notice this when I see more foreigners in the streets than before.

I notice this when more and more friends around me either speak English fluently or have lived abroad.

But there is another factor by which I feel globalization really really happening right before my eyes: FOOD.

And I LOVE it when I am able to enjoy the newest benefit from this globalization in my palate.


Years ago it was Taco Bell. Taco Bell had entered Korea in the 90s or something, but back then nobody knew it or wanted to know it, so they packed up their bags and left Korea in misery.

But sometime around 2010 I think, Taco Bell made a grand re-entrance to Seoul and this time the Korean people were ready to embrace it with love. And they have since grown to over 10 chains throughout Seoul and I am able to have those lovely crispy supreme tacos in Seoul.


I clearly remember the times when there were no blueberries in Korean markets like e-Mart and Home Plus. And even in the few places where they would have it, like department stores, it would cost you your left leg and second daughter to get 100 grams.

I loved ’em berries but it was just not at an economically feasible value.

However, starting from around 5 years ago we started seeing blueberries pop up.

And starting from 6 months ago, I can only assume that there was a deal with the devil, because we started getting blueberries from Chile that only cost around $3 for like 600 grams.


I, no joke, am eating blueberries daily.

Try and stop me and see what happens homie.


And the last of these new found pleasures in Korea: Iberico Pork, straight from western Spain.

Iberico pork is loved in Spain because they make the most delicious Jamon.

But Korea has recently started importing the meat to be cooked for Korean BBQ and it has really been growing in popularity.

Of course it’s gonna be a few more years before Koreans get to acquire the taste of Jamon to a level where the prices will drop, but for now I’m just thankful we are able to eat Iberico pork now in Korea.


And these three foods are just a few of the new delicacies we are able to enjoy due to the ever advancing trade of nations.

So I look forward to seeing what else become available, and when new treasures do come in, I’ll be ready to be their initial revenue source.

May the world ever so continue to flourish. SHANGRI-LA!


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