Cash Me Ousside

Blog Challenge – Day 21

There is a 13 year old girl called Danielle Bregoli who has become an internet sensation recently.

She appeared in the Dr. Phill show for being a straight up badass.

She would steal her mother’s car, credit cards, cash and get into fights regularly.

An out of control child who the single mother did not know how to handle.

She became globally famous after the audience in the Dr. Phill show booed at her, and she fought back by yelling at one of the women in the audience “Cath me outside, how about that?” with a ghetto accent that evoled into the meme “Cash me ousside, how bah dah!”

Her fame was even more solidly claimed when she got in a fight in a Spirit Airlines flight with a women, in which Danielle punched the other woman in her face.


But the story takes an interesting turn when she was no long just the butt of the joke as an ill mannered girl that’s reckless. She started to gain a following as a character onto herself.

She did a cover of Kodack Black’s “Everything 1K” track. It wasn’t a collaboration at all, but when Kodack Black saw that video he took it and endorsed it on his own social media, so that it became the unofficial “official” MV for that track.

She then started gaining real paparazzi attention and has become an overnight internet celebrity and internet viral meme.

But what I really want to talk about is why she’s getting all this attention from the media.

I have a very peculiar point of view on the subject.

This is about a good time for me to mention that my life’s motto and core philosophy is “Fear Nothing, Love Everything”

And I believe that Danielle is a partial representation of this truth.

On a larger scale I believe that rap/hiphop music in general is a partial representation of this truth.

People are not attracted to the actual crime and drugs and all the illegal activity. Although that seems to be the case.

What people are subconsciously attracted to is the “Fear Nothing” attitude that these people represent.

Because there is a attraction about somebody who seems to be living life with no worries, no troubles and no fears. And the best way to prove that they have no qualms is by being wreckless and not caring about the consequences.

Danielle has a quality which makes her seem much older than she actually is. She’s 13 so she’s about in 7th grade, but she seems like a grown person.

She’s too vulgar, confident and wreckless. Even more so than most adults.

So adults are even more attracted to this person for it.

I believe all people are eternally attracted to fearlessness. And this is the core reason why she is getting so much attention.

And so I don’t think this is a bad effect, but I just wish that people would clearly understand why they are attracted to this person. Or all gangsters or mafiosos in general.

And I also wish that people would understand that this in itself is not the truth in it’s entirety. Fearlessness with no love is no different than Hitler or a psychopath.

Having love for this world is an aspect that the entire gangster rap culture misses.

The “Love Everything” part of my philosophy.

And this part is the more mature half.

It seems touchy-feely because of the image that love has gained in our culture.

But what’s touchy feely about trying to save lives, stop violence and trying to better yourself and others?

As long as people aren’t able to see the “Love Everything” part of the equation, people will continue to be misguided and wrongly understand the glory and glitz of the attraction of the “gangsta life”.

So in conclusion, I big up all the people living true to themselves including Danielle Bregoli. There are mad people that can’t even do that.

But my wish is to guide that passion and courage towards the truth I’ve come to learn.



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