The Buck Stops Here

Blog Challenge – Day 22

Leadership is a very difficult quality.

It is not something that can just be studied. It must be garnered out in the field.

It cannot be attained overnight but has to be molded through effort and experience.

It is now over four years that I have held a leadership position in companies and it has its ups and downs.

But today I’d like to just let some weight off my chest by expressing one aspect of leadership that is at times the most difficult thing.

“The buck stops here.”

An expression that signifies that there is no one else that the blame can be passed on to.

And this has applied to me ever since four years ago.

Think bout it. Everyone has somebody to blame.

A child blames his/her parents for his miseries.
A student blames the teacher.
A wife can blame the husband.
A citizen can blame the city.
An employee can blame the boss.

But that’s just the hardest thing for me.

There is no one else to blame except for myself.

And if I do try to blame something else, that’s clearly not the right approach. With 100% certainty. That’s not the way to deal with it.

When things go well, it’s due to the entire group’s effort. But when things go wrong, I can only ultimately look at myself.

For example if somebody decides to leave the company.

Was it this? Was it that? But we had this. And we had that.

But apart from all the other reasons, if one last thing should have ultimately made them stay, it should have been your leadership and vision.

Somebody only leaves when they have ultimately lost their faith in you.

So the buck always stops with me.

I am humbled to learn I have to work more on my leadership.

And I must take responsibility for the hard times.


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