The Garden of Om

Blog Challenge – Day 23

There is a place I always go to when things get tough.

It is my haven. It is my shelter.

It’s where I go to regain strength when I’m beat to the ground.

It heals my wounds. It seals my ruptures.

In this place my thoughts calm down to a still.

I am free of all chains. I am released of all pains.

All I need to do to get to this place is take a seat in a quiet spot.

Sit up straight like a redwood tree.

And look inside where all my thoughts and emotions lie.

Take deep breaths and observe myself.

This is me without ego.

This is me beyond the animal.

This is my Soul.

This is my true Self.

This is the essence that has always been and will always be.

I surrender to the truth, and am empowered by the truth.

When life gets tough and you’re all alone, go seek refuge within the garden of Om (ॐ).


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