Dear Kyun

Dear Kyun,

You damn bastard.

You have decided to leave the wolf pack and become a domesticated canine.

A pet to be more specific.

No but all joking aside, I cannot believe that you are getting married.

It was  12 years ago that I met you in your house through your older brother.

And there I saw somebody who loved hiphop, had recorded a few rap tracks, loved drinking and was down to earth. Hard to come by.

And being the same age we easily became ulhealthy drinking partners.

Every weekend after my date with my then girlfriend, the night always ended with drinks with you.

We would drink until I feel asleep midway trying to grab a piece of bbq pork.

I especially remember the day you didn’t answer your phone because you fell asleep in the shower and I had to freeze my ass outside your house for a good three hours.

Also the day I walked in on your parents having breakfast while I was only dressed in boxers. From out side the house.

There was also the day I was convincing you to lean more forward out the roof to make it more exciting.

But all these adventures would have not been possible if it wasn’t for you.

At that time of my life the world was one big huge confusion and you were one of the few things I could count on as being on my side no matter what.

Throughout the years I have seen you grow and change. We no longer binge at that level twice a week. We no longer wear sagging baggy jeans. We no longer scream out onto this cold world “I don’t give a fuck!”

We are now in our thirties, now working, and looking through a bit more mature lense out into the world.

But however old we get, however much time passes, I still cannot believe you are getting married.

You. Being a husband. Maybe even soon a father.

It’s moments like these that really lets me know that time really does fly. Nothing ever stays the same. And you have bravely decided to be the first one from you, Mike, Kinam and me to decide to take the leap.

I didn’t know it, but now that I think about it, maybe this shows that you are most ready to move on to the next stage of life from all of us. Maybe you’ve matured a bit faster.

But however weird it feels, I also feel grateful to be able to live these moments with you.

It’s pivotal life moments like these that we live for.

The final coming of age act.

And so although I will miss the shit shit shit out of single Kyun, I will also congratulate you whole heartedly on this union of husband and wife.

Please be happy.

Please make your wife happy.

And please remember the memories of the great moments we shared.

And remember:


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