Time to Run!!

Blog Challenge – Day 25

Today is a pivotal day.

The weather outside in Seoul is finally above five degrees Celsius!

That’s about 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

And this is my cutoff limit where I can start running outside again!

I have had a deep love for jogging since around 2010.

I’ve never been a good runner. Actually, I hated running.

I’ve only ever been good at one sport, Tae Kwon Do. And even then, it was just good for my age at a young age.

But in high school, while I was an assistant teacher for the Tae Kwon Do class, I had an injury to my tendons after class while fooling around.

I had to stop Tae Kwon Do for a year and wasn’t able to accompany Kinam on the final Tae Kwon Do presentation day on stage breaking bricks.

It was one of those moments that has always stayed with me as something I wish i had been able to do.

Kinam that day was awesome on stage.

And since then I’ve tried to take back Tae Kwon Do and kick-boxing, but I would get the same tendon injury back within the first month.

So that had been my story with athletics.

Until I found the pleasure of running that is!

It all started with a Nike 10K Run in 2010.

It seemed like a really young, dynamic and healthy event that would be good for me.

And so in preparation for that run I started running in the mornings before going to work.

And I loved it.

I felt free. I had more energy. And surprisingly, it wasn’t hard at all.

It’s really only the first three days that it’s really hard to run.

But after those first three days, it is not hard at all.

So I’ve been running ever since.

However, there is one big enemy for this running activity.

And that is the winter.

When winter sets in, and the weather goes below 40 F (5 C), it’s no longer enjoyable or even advisable to run outside.

So the habit is put to hibernate.

And my energy level goes down. And I gain in weight.

But soon enough the winter cold also passes. The streams start to swell, the trees start to sprout to leaves and the weather goes above 5 degrees Celcius!

And the road is ripe for running!!

And when this happens, I know it is time to take my running shoes back out.

Put on my shorts and t-shirt.

Get my music on.

And it’s time to run!!


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