The Road of My Heart

Blog Challenge – Day 26

There seems to be an understanding in my heart that there is a possibility of living with limited financial resources for my life.

In shorter words, of being quite broke.

And I am alright with it.

Would I like to avoid it? Yes, with all my powers I would like to avoid it and live comfortably.

Am I afraid of it? Well, at times yes. I must admit I worry about it. I’m only human.

But will I give up my current lifestyle and career as an entrepreneur for more stability?


At least for the time being, I do not believe I will.

Because in order to really bring change on a big scale in this world, you just need to take risks.

And this risk is just what I must endure in order to have a chance of living out the life I want to live.

They say “do what you love”. But at what costs?

My cost of doing what I love is real. It’s a very real cost that I must be willing to pay.

But that comfort and stability is just what I need to give up in order to do big things.

So when my friends are in stable jobs and planning ahead to get married and get a house, I can’t do that. I don’t have the stability in income to be able to plan ahead.

I don’t even have a savings account.

But in the end, on my deathbed; when all is said and done, I believe I will be glad I took this road. The road less taken. The road of my heart not my head.

It’s ironic. Whether or not I succeed down the path will actually change the meaning and value of this post.

If I fail continuously, this post will be seen as the thoughts of a man too stubborn for his own good. A man that just plays the game a bit too risky for his own good. A cautionary tale of why it’s not a smart idea to try to go your own way. How you should just stick to the conventions of society.

But. If I succeed. If I am blessed enough to see my dreams come true, then this same post will be the post of how movers and shakers and game changers see things differently. It will show what level of sacrifice an entrepreneur should be willing to take in order to fulfill his dreams.

However right now, at this moment, this post is neither of these two.

It’s just a post about how I look at things.

The insecurities and simultaneously, the commitment I have for living life the way I see it best lived.

My life’s story shall be one that is fun, exciting, full of adventures, lived to the fullest, lived not only for myself but for others as well, and in order for it to be like that I shall choose the road of my heart.



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