Blog Challenge, Success!

Blog Challenge – Final Day!

Today is the last day of the Blog Challenge.

As it was February, it was only 28 days. However, I feel like it was certainly long enough to make a new habbit.

First of all, I am sincerely glad that I was able to succeed in this challenge.

It would have been such a disappointment to myself if I, who started this whole 12 month challenge thing, was not able to accomplish the first challenge.

So while doing this challenge, I really enjoyed having my own space where I could write about anything I wanted.

I think it even made me think more about this world and life just because I had to write something every day.

It forced me to try and make sense of this world and have my own opinions.
And I believe these things are really healthy habits.

The best part about writing these posts were when people I don’t know at all would press like through WordPress and even a single like would make writing that post fully worth it.

I’ve always wanted to keep a blog and I feel like I can now kind of say that I have a blog.

I have a place where I can write random thoughts down.

I have a place where I can share how my 12 month life detox challenge is going.

I have a blog.

And I love it.

And the best thing about this challenge is that, although the official Blog Challenge is over tonight, I still inted to keep this habit that I made going.

I won’t force myself to write something every single day like this month, but I do want to keep this habit I started alive.

I’ll continue posting my thoughts on life and this world regularly and also share how my 12 month challenge is going throughout the year.

And since I’ve put in my due work to get this blogging habit going, I believe it will be much easier to keep it going.

Because as I always, always, always say: Habits are hard to make and hard to break.

So, thank the world I finished this challenge successfully. I loved it.

Month 1, Blog Challenge, DONE!

Next up, Cold Shower Challenge!!!


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