So, what is this 12 Month Life Detox Challenge?

I will begin a 12 month challenge beginning February 1st!

I have named it the “12 Month Life Detox Challenge”.

Basically, I have chosen 12 different challenges for each month that I will try to do every single day.

The challenges are:
Month 1 – Blog Challenge: Write a blog journal for 30 days
Month 2 – Cold Shower Challenge: Take a cold shower for 30 days
Month 3 – Run Challenge: Run 3km for 30 days
Month 4 – Pushup Challenge: Do 120 pushups or 60 bicep curls for 30 days
Month 5 – No Alcohol Challenge: No alcohol/smoking for 30 days
Month 6 – Vegetarian Diet Challenge: Vegetarian diet + no flour diet for 30 days
Month 7 – Reading Challenge: Read outloud 30 minutes for 30 days
Month 8 – Learning Challenge: Study to learn something new 30 minutes for 30 days
Month 9 – Meditation Challenge: Meditate or pray 30 minutes for 30 days
Month 10 – No Social Media Challenge: No TV or personal use of social media for 30 days
Month 11 – Dance Challenge: Turn on your favorite music and dance 30 minutes for 30 days
Month 12 – Thank You Note Challenge: Write people a thank you note for 30 days
The order of the challenges represent how I want to live my life,
from physical to mental and spiritual growth.

I will consider each month’s challenge a success if I do the challenge every day, with 3 or less days I miss the challenge per month.

If I succeed in all 12 challenges, I plan to give myself an overseas trip as a gift!

Two of my best friends, Claire and Becky, are joining me for this challenge, which I’m really excited about.

I’ll be keeping this blog and occasional vlog to share the experience.
Feel free to come comment on my posts and share your thoughts as well.
I’ve named this a “Life Detox Challenge” because it will really push me to get rid of old habits that are not healthy,
and in place make new habits that I’ve always thought were important but didn’t have a chance to start.

Through this journey I hope to grow in character and discover new potentials, while having an unforgettable year.

Hopefully, others can also create their own set of a 12 Month Life Detox Challenge that will help them as well.
I’ve never done something like this, but I’m really excited to see where this leads.

I believe every day must be a representation of how you want to live your life!