The Garden of Om

Blog Challenge – Day 23

There is a place I always go to when things get tough.

It is my haven. It is my shelter.

It’s where I go to regain strength when I’m beat to the ground.

It heals my wounds. It seals my ruptures.

In this place my thoughts calm down to a still.

I am free of all chains. I am released of all pains.

All I need to do to get to this place is take a seat in a quiet spot.

Sit up straight like a redwood tree.

And look inside where all my thoughts and emotions lie.

Take deep breaths and observe myself.

This is me without ego.

This is me beyond the animal.

This is my Soul.

This is my true Self.

This is the essence that has always been and will always be.

I surrender to the truth, and am empowered by the truth.

When life gets tough and you’re all alone, go seek refuge within the garden of Om (ॐ).


The Buck Stops Here

Blog Challenge – Day 22

Leadership is a very difficult quality.

It is not something that can just be studied. It must be garnered out in the field.

It cannot be attained overnight but has to be molded through effort and experience.

It is now over four years that I have held a leadership position in companies and it has its ups and downs.

But today I’d like to just let some weight off my chest by expressing one aspect of leadership that is at times the most difficult thing.

“The buck stops here.”

An expression that signifies that there is no one else that the blame can be passed on to.

And this has applied to me ever since four years ago.

Think bout it. Everyone has somebody to blame.

A child blames his/her parents for his miseries.
A student blames the teacher.
A wife can blame the husband.
A citizen can blame the city.
An employee can blame the boss.

But that’s just the hardest thing for me.

There is no one else to blame except for myself.

And if I do try to blame something else, that’s clearly not the right approach. With 100% certainty. That’s not the way to deal with it.

When things go well, it’s due to the entire group’s effort. But when things go wrong, I can only ultimately look at myself.

For example if somebody decides to leave the company.

Was it this? Was it that? But we had this. And we had that.

But apart from all the other reasons, if one last thing should have ultimately made them stay, it should have been your leadership and vision.

Somebody only leaves when they have ultimately lost their faith in you.

So the buck always stops with me.

I am humbled to learn I have to work more on my leadership.

And I must take responsibility for the hard times.

Cash Me Ousside

Blog Challenge – Day 21

There is a 13 year old girl called Danielle Bregoli who has become an internet sensation recently.

She appeared in the Dr. Phill show for being a straight up badass.

She would steal her mother’s car, credit cards, cash and get into fights regularly.

An out of control child who the single mother did not know how to handle.

She became globally famous after the audience in the Dr. Phill show booed at her, and she fought back by yelling at one of the women in the audience “Cath me outside, how about that?” with a ghetto accent that evoled into the meme “Cash me ousside, how bah dah!”

Her fame was even more solidly claimed when she got in a fight in a Spirit Airlines flight with a women, in which Danielle punched the other woman in her face.


But the story takes an interesting turn when she was no long just the butt of the joke as an ill mannered girl that’s reckless. She started to gain a following as a character onto herself.

She did a cover of Kodack Black’s “Everything 1K” track. It wasn’t a collaboration at all, but when Kodack Black saw that video he took it and endorsed it on his own social media, so that it became the unofficial “official” MV for that track.

She then started gaining real paparazzi attention and has become an overnight internet celebrity and internet viral meme.

But what I really want to talk about is why she’s getting all this attention from the media.

I have a very peculiar point of view on the subject.

This is about a good time for me to mention that my life’s motto and core philosophy is “Fear Nothing, Love Everything”

And I believe that Danielle is a partial representation of this truth.

On a larger scale I believe that rap/hiphop music in general is a partial representation of this truth.

People are not attracted to the actual crime and drugs and all the illegal activity. Although that seems to be the case.

What people are subconsciously attracted to is the “Fear Nothing” attitude that these people represent.

Because there is a attraction about somebody who seems to be living life with no worries, no troubles and no fears. And the best way to prove that they have no qualms is by being wreckless and not caring about the consequences.

Danielle has a quality which makes her seem much older than she actually is. She’s 13 so she’s about in 7th grade, but she seems like a grown person.

She’s too vulgar, confident and wreckless. Even more so than most adults.

So adults are even more attracted to this person for it.

I believe all people are eternally attracted to fearlessness. And this is the core reason why she is getting so much attention.

And so I don’t think this is a bad effect, but I just wish that people would clearly understand why they are attracted to this person. Or all gangsters or mafiosos in general.

And I also wish that people would understand that this in itself is not the truth in it’s entirety. Fearlessness with no love is no different than Hitler or a psychopath.

Having love for this world is an aspect that the entire gangster rap culture misses.

The “Love Everything” part of my philosophy.

And this part is the more mature half.

It seems touchy-feely because of the image that love has gained in our culture.

But what’s touchy feely about trying to save lives, stop violence and trying to better yourself and others?

As long as people aren’t able to see the “Love Everything” part of the equation, people will continue to be misguided and wrongly understand the glory and glitz of the attraction of the “gangsta life”.

So in conclusion, I big up all the people living true to themselves including Danielle Bregoli. There are mad people that can’t even do that.

But my wish is to guide that passion and courage towards the truth I’ve come to learn.


Living in ShangRi-La!

Blog Challenge – Day 20

The world is becoming more and more global by the day.

Living in Seoul, Korea, I notice this when I see more foreigners in the streets than before.

I notice this when more and more friends around me either speak English fluently or have lived abroad.

But there is another factor by which I feel globalization really really happening right before my eyes: FOOD.

And I LOVE it when I am able to enjoy the newest benefit from this globalization in my palate.


Years ago it was Taco Bell. Taco Bell had entered Korea in the 90s or something, but back then nobody knew it or wanted to know it, so they packed up their bags and left Korea in misery.

But sometime around 2010 I think, Taco Bell made a grand re-entrance to Seoul and this time the Korean people were ready to embrace it with love. And they have since grown to over 10 chains throughout Seoul and I am able to have those lovely crispy supreme tacos in Seoul.


I clearly remember the times when there were no blueberries in Korean markets like e-Mart and Home Plus. And even in the few places where they would have it, like department stores, it would cost you your left leg and second daughter to get 100 grams.

I loved ’em berries but it was just not at an economically feasible value.

However, starting from around 5 years ago we started seeing blueberries pop up.

And starting from 6 months ago, I can only assume that there was a deal with the devil, because we started getting blueberries from Chile that only cost around $3 for like 600 grams.


I, no joke, am eating blueberries daily.

Try and stop me and see what happens homie.


And the last of these new found pleasures in Korea: Iberico Pork, straight from western Spain.

Iberico pork is loved in Spain because they make the most delicious Jamon.

But Korea has recently started importing the meat to be cooked for Korean BBQ and it has really been growing in popularity.

Of course it’s gonna be a few more years before Koreans get to acquire the taste of Jamon to a level where the prices will drop, but for now I’m just thankful we are able to eat Iberico pork now in Korea.


And these three foods are just a few of the new delicacies we are able to enjoy due to the ever advancing trade of nations.

So I look forward to seeing what else become available, and when new treasures do come in, I’ll be ready to be their initial revenue source.

May the world ever so continue to flourish. SHANGRI-LA!

Life Lesson to be Learned from Flappy Bird

Blog Challenge – Day 19

There is a mobile game called Flappy Bird.


A game developed by a Vietnamese artist and programmer that came out in 2013 where you have to tap the screen to make the bird flap its wings and avoid hitting green pipes.

It’s a really simple game with one objective: avoid hitting any obstacles and dying by continuously flapping the wing at exactly the right time.

Well, this is just a game but I love this game because it’s a great representation of this world for me.

This game serves as the perfect metaphor to realize who (or what) our enemy is in this world.

At first glance, the enemy seems to be the green pipes. Of course, these are the obstacles which can block you from your path.

So it’s easy to live life hating the damn green pipes that continue to come along your way.

But notice that the green pipes aren’t really coming your way.

You’re going towards the green pipes in order to get to where you want to go.

The green pipes just happen to be there is all.

No need to blame the pipes, no need to hate the pipes. Just navigate through them and accomplish your goal.

So then what truly is the enemy?

Well, notice how the bird is doomed with an ever pushing gravity that keeps bringing it down as time passes by.

So the more time that passes, the more you are just getting pulled down.

So actually time is your enemy. Because every second that passes, is another second you will have gravity exerted on you.

The only way to beat this is to continue flapping your wings often enough not to hit the ground and just at the right time to pass through the obstacles.

Frequency and timing of the flaps keep you alive and lets you beat the game.

The same is true with this world.

The obstacles that you find in your life are just events and facts about this world that you cannot change. And they aren’t necessarily bad. They are just the way this world is progressing and you just have to adapt to it.

But the real enemy that you face is time.

The more that you are still and not moving and making moves, the world just has a tendency to make bad things happen to you.

If you just stay still in life, you will not be able to pay for your phone so you will lose your phone. You will miss your rent and lose your home. You will ultimately not have money to eat so you will starve and die.

So what you must do to counter that is make moves! Actions!

That is the equivalent to flapping your wings on Flappy Bird.

You have to make moves frequently enough and at the right moments in order to beat this world’s tendency to bring you down.

So remember that your enemies are not the obstacles in front of you.
The enemy is time.

Beat the enemy of time by constantly making moves.
Again and again and again, incessantly!

Once you understand the enemy, you understand the game.

Remember What You Saw

Blog Challenge – Day 18

I move my life according to a vision I have for my life.

A path that I hope will take me to where I want to go.

This vision for my life is not a vision that I am able to see every day.

Actually, on most days I can’t see the vision at all. I’m just moving along the treadmill like everyone else just trying to get through the day.

And the thought inevitably comes into my mind: “Why am I even doing this?”

Yes. Why am I doing it? Because I’m definitely not feeling like doing it at that moment.

Or most moments as a matter of fact.

But once in a while, just once every cycle of the moon, I am able to see my life’s vision with clarity.

I am able to see that I have a very limited time here on Earth.

I am able to see that I have in essence nothing to lose.

I am able to see that with effort and endurance, there is, however low it may be, a true possibility to achieve some big goals.

I am able to see that I can change not only my life, but the lives of other people in this World.

I am able to see my vision clearly.

And in those moments I regain confidence that what I am doing is right.

That I would rather spend my life trying to achieve this than to just be comfortable and safe.

That no matter how cold and harsh the World may get, I always have control over one thing: my actions.

This window is only open for a few moments before it closes again.
And I am back in the dark and my heart is disconnected from this excitement.

And so what I do is, I keep that vision firmly in my memory.

So that even though my heart will not feel this vision in a few moments, I will know in my head that this is what’s right for me.

And when the next day comes, and again I am too tired to get up, and too fed up with all the bullshit, and new problems arise left and right just when I thought things couldn’t get worse…

I remember what I saw.

Remeber the vision I had a glimpse of.

And I trust it. Believe it. Stand by it.

Yes, it is real. The vision is real. I am too low to see the full way, but I have seen it from up in the sky and it was real.




A Dog and Cat from a Land Far Away (short story)

Blog Challenge – Day 17

There was once a being from a land far away.

He had no family but just his dog and cat.

His dog and cat were the most playful and silly dog and cat you had ever seen.

Everywhere he went people always remarked on how wonderfully charming his dog and cat were.

“Truly unique souls they are. Never have I seen such a dog and cat.”

One day he returned to where his ancestors lived.

His dog and cat did too.

But the dog and cat missed the land far away and slowly lost their playfulness.

Although they could not say it, they felt that they were not where they were supposed to be.

They lived their lives as just any other ordinary dog and cat.

Nobody remarked on how unique they were any more.

So the dog and cat slowly forgot how to play and just went on with the days.

The years passed by and the dog and cat lay on the floor.

Too old to play. Too old to enjoy life.

In their eyes was a deep longing for their land far away.

And with no language, with no words,

they just looked into each others eyes and reminisced.

And they knew they had once lived in a land far, far away.

And although their bodies were too weak to stand,

their eyes gave off one last twinkle of play.

It had been long since they had felt that way.

The dog and cat were once again truly unique that day.


The Art of the Pitch

Blog Challenge – Day 16

Today I had to go to Chuncheon City in Gangwon Province to give a pitch for a competition by Naver.

I had just got the notice to prepare two nights ago so this pitch was kind of prepared in a hurry.

I think I’ve given more than 30 pitches in various events and conpetitions until now so I thought I’d share some tips I’ve gained.

First of all, if the talk is less than 15 minutes I try to just memorize the script.

Especially more so for shorter presentations.

With the limited amount of time, the best way that you can appeal your service the most is by only saying exactly what you need to say.

If you try to give the pitch on the fly, you will sound fuzzy and disorganized.

Now, there are people that say that if you prepare a set script beforehand that you sound too mechanic and it seems awkward in its own way.

However, I think that’s the case when you haven’t fully internalized the script.

You have to OWN the script to be able to convey it naturally.

It’s like singing a rap song.

Just knowing the lyrics is onlt half way done.

You gotta own it till you can rap it with flow and style. Same thing.

Also, approach the preparatory process scientifically.

I personally write down how many times I’ve practiced the pitch each day.

Then, through many times of giving a pitch I know already how many times I need to practice a pitch from how many days prior to give a good pitch. Every thing is scientific.

My last piece of advice is this: never give a pitch from your short term memory. Your short term memory is very unreliable during high pressure, tense moments. That’s why people’s minds to blank on stage.

You always have to recite out of your long term memory for it to be reliable, stable and natural. And for this you need sleep. Short term memory gets translated to long term memory through repetition and sleep. So make sure you start a few days before the actul pitch to give it enough time to seep into your long term memory.

This is the same for giving pitches and performing rap on stage.

So there are my two cents on performing well and good luck on any future pitches you need to give!